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Anyone making 100k close to it or more annually as a tech?

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Posted 16 January 2018 - 07:05 PM

I just can't wrap my mind around that! It's like it doesn't add up. How is it that the cost of providing services can vary so much from one place to the next? Some things-- like infrastructure-- sure. The water and sewer pipes under my street are from the 1880s and have a tendency to both break often and be hard to locate when it happens. That sort of thing partially accounts for it. But other things don't really vary so much from place to place. If a public works employee or schoolteacher here that makes 80k per year only makes 55k there, that doesn't account for the huge cost discrepancy. Fire, ambulance, police, regulatory agencies- these too may operate cheaper but they still cost money anywhere you go. What is it that makes the big difference??




We also pay stupid property taxes in western NY thanks to New York City...... I've said for years that NYC needs to be the 51'st state.

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Posted 16 January 2018 - 11:56 PM

Things seem to work out. The volunteer fire depts operated off of a 1 cent sales tax and donation. 85% of car registrations and tags go to the schools; the rest goes for road repair. Sales taxes cover a lot of the bloated bureaucracy.


Many things also run off of those magic Federal grants. You know, that money that just appears from nowhere  with the wave of a wand.


The state health dept was screaming doom and gloom for over a year about being 30 million dollars short and having to boot people out of nursing homes and so on. Recently it was revealed that shortage was due to "misappropriation", There's a lot of fingerpointing and instead of prosecuting people and sending them to jail they're wanting to set up "another oversight board so this will never happen again". The standard tripe BS answer. The missing 30 million dollars was CHA--CHING! more of that magical Federal grant money.


The rural water system we're on replaced all the pipes 10 years ago. All done with the magical Federal grant money. So they screwed the job up and left the new pipes connected to the old leaking pipes.

A comeback for the water boys? Nope. Things drug out and leaked for another few years while another magical Federal grant was applied for and approved.

So with the new grant they got paid to fix their original fuckup....

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