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2013 Santa Fe

25 December 2017 - 08:42 PM

My neighbor has a 2013 Santa Fe. The original battery just died. Is this one of those vehicles that requires a battery reset program performed? I am picking up a replacement battery for her tomorrow.


I hope not. She is not too fond of the dealership she bought it from. Making her wait all day and not having the parts in stock will do that to a person..........

Ford PCM reflashes

22 December 2017 - 07:03 PM

Hello everyone. I thought I just might add this little tidbit of information to you all. I recently found out, the hard way, what a PCM reflash will do and not do. Here goes nothing......


It will update the program. And not much else. Sometimes it will tell you what the update is going to fix and address, other times, it won't. So if you think it will fix everything under the sun, guess again.


It appears a reflash will NOT reset the Keep Alive Memory, or KAM as it's commonly called. You will physically have to find that option, and run it. Also, it will NOT reset the misfire monitor, nor the battery maintenance minder. So if you are going after a misfire, and or replace the battery at the same time, BOTH of those items will need to be accessed and cleared with the options.


How I found this out you might ask? By having a problem vehicle from an outlying service garage roll in. They replaced the spark plugs, the one problem coil, and shipped it. I got it, and the very same P0304 code was present. I thought since the other garage used a Napa coil, and the rest were Monkey Crap, I had myself a poor Napa coil that wasn't playing nice. So in went a new Monkey Crap coil, a PCM reflash, and out the door it went. Only to come back a month later.


Since I was busy with other rush projects, another tech got my problem child. He went through all the repairs done to this van, asked me what I did and didn't do, and found out that I did not reset the misfire monitor. Myself, I never even knew Ford HAD a resettable misfire monitor. I always thought if they did, a reflash would take care of it and do it on it's own.


Leaned something new that day..........

2007 Pontiac Grand Prix P0442

11 December 2017 - 06:04 PM

My chick magnet 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix with almost 200K on the clock keeps kicking a P0442 code. Slight evap leak. After a weeks worth of driving, which equates to around 500 miles or so. This is what I have done so far. The cheapest repairs: First, a genuine GM gas cap. Around $10.00. Then a canister purge valve. Just under $20.00. Big spender that I am.......


And of course, these 2 items didn't fix my issue. The luck that I have. So I know at this point I will have to smoke test my ride to pinpoint the leak. Which, more than likely, will be in the spring. When the weather gets warmer again, and I am off of my snow plow call out duty.


Now, about 4-5 years ago, I did have to replace the canister vent valve. But when that item went bad, it was kicking out the specific code related to the valve. And said valve was physically damaged. It looked like water got into it, froze, and blew apart the casing. So I am assuming this is not the problem again. There I go, assuming...........


So today, I was talking to a few new guys that just left the dealers, and was relating my issue. They told me that they have seen both the filler necks go bad, as well as the fuel pump / ring assemblies rust and rot. What one guy told me was that GM has spring loaded fuel pumps. And being that the springs are putting pressure upwards, if the locking ring / base of the fuel pump rots, it lifts the unit up ever so slightly, and there goes my leak. Makes sense.........


So my question is has anyone else ran into the same things?

1992-1995 LTD back in the day question.

10 December 2017 - 09:28 AM

I inherited grand ma's 1995 LTD last year, after her passing. I pretty much have been the only wrench to work on this ride ever since she bought it new. Anyway, here is my question. The IAC valve is a complete bitch to access on this vehicle. For some stupid reason, and just through the model years 1992-1995, Ford put said valve on a passage under the intake manifold, at the base of a throttle body elbow.


Accessing this thing requires me to be a contortionist. As well as disconnecting a whole lot of items. My issue here is the vehicle acts as if the IAC valve has frozen due to moisture. Only when the temps outside are at the freezing level, as they have been this past week. When I start up the beast, it feels as if the IAC is stuck at low idle, and won't move. So what I do is hold the throttle open somewhat, until the engine starts to warm up. Then it works just fine. Me thinks then it warms up enough to move and or melts the ice. It acts like it has carburetor ice in it, like some models used to do years ago.


Over the years, I have replaced this valve at least 2-3 times. Along with removing and cleaning out the EGR passages under the throttle body elbow. Ford had a TSB on that little issue, and it comes back every few years now and then.


Since I don't want to go through this same ordeal again right now, in the cold weather, is there some kind of throttle body cleaner that I can use that will work without too much disassembly? I have a few vacuum hoses I can access that in my theory, can pull the cleaner up out of the can, and perhaps wash down the insides of the IAC, without contaminating the MAF sensor.


If it works, great. If not, the ride will have to wait until warmer days........



2002 Izuzu Axium

16 October 2017 - 04:29 PM

A friend of mine was asking me about her daughter's Izuzu Axium. Supposedly this thing is eating up front brakes. More than likely due to the fact that the rear brakes are not working. So she had the rear brakes done, and now it has all sorts of noises. Obviously, they either screwed this up, or used cheap, Auto Zone garbage.


Anyway, my question is are there TSB's out there regarding brakes on this vehicle? As well as is this thing a bastard ride, and something I don't want to deal with? I have worked on some foreign junks back in the day, and brakes seem to be a thing best left to the American makers. With the exception of the Chevettes and Fieros..........