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In Topic: Oil Filter Q?

13 January 2018 - 12:35 PM

I usually use brand name filters with no issues. A/C delco, Purolator, Monkey Crap, Fram, etc. And only when on sale. Since I get tired of the auto parts stores not having things in stock, and having to deal with brainless children behind the parts counters, more than likely I stock up from Rock Auto.


Blue Oval, I am not sure if you know this or not, but the FL 300 and the FL 1A filters interchange with the FL 400. The 300 is wider, and the 1A is both wider and longer. Which in turn, should hold more crud. Only issue for you might be interference. On my old Taurus, I took off the starter support bracket, ground down a portion of it, and reinstalled it. So that the 1A would clear and fit the vehicle just fine.


I have no choice with my Pontiac. Where GM put the filter, if I used a wider one, it would hit the half shaft. If I used a longer one, it would hit the control arm. My Whiskey tumbler holds more fluid, so I stick with 4 K oil changer intervals. Seems to be working out. Almost at 200 K..........

In Topic: Anyone making 100k close to it or more annually as a tech?

11 January 2018 - 09:07 PM

I heard that the ratio of men to women up in Alaska was 10 to 1. So even with making 100K, what's one to do with it? I also heard that the women in Alaska have a certain saying, and I quote: The odds are good, but the goods are odd.)

In Topic: Iam back ........ and Iam retired sort of

09 January 2018 - 09:07 PM

I still have at least another 10 years to go. I don't know what will take me out first. The horrible drivers out there, or if my body will decide to call it quits. Either way, I do try to stay safe, do my best, and make it home at the end of the day. With all my body parts intact.


I don't miss Ford either. I see what little they pay, the hoops that they make the techs jump through, and the hours that have to be put in. I haven't done a free multi point inspection, or put in an estimate in over 10 years. Along with any telephone calls to the hotline, e-mail pictures, or a cost cap analysis. I look the vehicle over, if it needs too much work, said work either gets done, or the vehicle gets decommissioned, and sent to auction.

In Topic: 1992-1995 LTD back in the day question.

08 January 2018 - 05:45 PM

Here is what I ran into before. This is an OBD 2 vehicle, complete with the rear oxygen sensors and the in vehicle data link port. However, I don't think everything was activated and linked up until 1996, when the evap system was monitored on those later model vehicles.


How I stumbled upon this is as follows. The last time the vehicle was giving me grief, I hooked up our laptop, complete with the Ford IDS program. I tried to run the output commands, and nothing happened. I ticked on the icons for the IAC motor, as well as the EGR, and got no response. Tried ramping up the idle speed, as well as the EGR flow, and no change. Even though the computer screen supposedly gave me that access.


A call into my Ford school instructor got me nowhere. He told me I had to use the NGS to do this, even though the program was written for my vehicle with the IDS. I dusted off our NGS, hooked that up, and again, got nowhere. That was when I got seriously pissed off, gave up, and threw the magic diagnostic dice at it. I got a junkyard PCM, installed it, and the car ran like brand new.


Now that our cold snap has finally broken, this weekend I will crawl under it, toss in the oxygen sensor, clear the code, and see what happens. If it's still acting up, my next step will be playing with the IDS laptop program, and hoping I can do something with it..........

In Topic: 1992-1995 LTD back in the day question.

06 January 2018 - 01:25 PM

Stuck lean. Just another warmer weather project.....